Leaked autumnskyler / autumnsky02

Cute blonde friend of Cheerleader Kait

Here is everything you can currently get from her OF except the ppv videos. She deleted a few of her earlier posts, but i managed to get quite a few of them before they were deleted. Her OF is not exactly great. Like 1-2 pictures a day and a couple of short videos a week maybe. She does have some ppv vids that looks kind of promising, but 20 USD for a 12 min b/g video is just not worth it for me.

Surprised this one hasn’t been uploaded

I hope that tattoo is not permanent lol. Why would she get that

Yea it seems to be permanent, i don’t like it either lol

Anyway, here is her newest stuff from of

If anyone is wondering why she is carrying a cast on her head on some of the pictures, then it is because she apparently had brain surgery to have some “foreign masses” removed :monkaS: