Leaked deadlyencounter

Header full-size and first post.

I’ll drop em every now and then but asking for every new post isn’t gonna speed it up guys, I’m also not gonna be leaking forever, so if you’re so desperate, go wash your neighbours car or some shit for a couple bucks and save up.

She sent out a PPV as well, but I’m not getting that. Fuck PPVs, I’m already paying you.

Glad her photo quality is going up.

Yeah I doubt it, I doubt she’ll even do nudes, at least for a long while yet. A little info for those who might be curious: Her most liked post has about 110 likes, $120 in tips on posts, so going off just those who like she’s made in the very least $1800ish, but probably more like 4x that at least, considering subs who don’t like posts, the PPV, and tips though DMs.