leaked Goddess Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose – Beta Boi Needs Manpers​


Are you a beta bitch boi loser? Do you have trouble dealing with your male inadequacy? Are you a hopeless cuckold virgin who will never get a woman even to consider having sex with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions with "yes," you need Manpers! That's right; all Beta bitch bois should be made to wear these comfy, moisture absorbing diapers. You don't deserve real man underwear; instead, this will be a surer fit!

All beta dick bois need to be regressed. You don't deserve to walk amongst the real men of the world, the Alpha men, no you deserve to be on your knees in front of a dominant woman and fully regressed down to an infantile state. You need women to rule you, and that can be done quickly with Manpers! If you're not going to act like grown men, with your tiny little dicks vying for power, if you're going to be incel bitch bois or virgin losers, if you're going to be weak and have women pamper you, we might as well put you in Pampers!

Manpers: perfect for losers like you!

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