leaked Jay-Jenna / x-Jenna-x – Reddit Hotwife


Reddit Hotwife, used to be more active in r/Hotwife and r/Cuckold. Their text stories documenting her foray into the hotwife lifestyle while studying abroad were insanely hot. Many of the old text message albums and videos are 404’d now.


Couple vids here, but there used to be more:

https://www.*Blacklisted site*/Jay-Jenna

Anyone have an archive of all her stuff?

Yeah, I archived a little late so I only have a bit of their deleted vids / pics.

*Blacklisted site*:

  •*Blacklisted site*-P0x5Ambn-VID-20180311-WA0000-dud7BK1z.mp4
  •*Blacklisted site*-MpV9JipF-XiaoYing_Video_1462221899013-6c55iJSp.mp4
  •*Blacklisted si…as_Mid_day_fucking-MDdFihF8_480p-sroBmXpC.mp4 (Deleted)

Eroshare: (Deleted stuff)

They worked as a chaturbate model in 2016.

If anybody can download it would be great.

The only one I was able to get after lot of searching on the internet.