Leaked Korean Realgraphic

NO61 Another level home training2​

NO57 Real lookbook (costume change)​

NO58 빨래 빨아줄까?(washing laundry)​


NO49 벚꽃이피었습니다 Cherry blossoms have bloomed Main Cam​


NO56 shower scene 샤워장면​




NO46 샤워하기 Taking a shower​


NO50 세일러문 유리창 청소 Sailor Moon cleaning​


What is her name?

Hey hope some people still use this thread since the migration :pepoLove:

NO. 79 –

edit for bunker (just the pics cuz vids are too big ask if u need it)

I bought a bundle with the wrong girl I don’t like as much, they don’t even email their customers back so be careful if you’re buying guys since the girls look similar. They cover up the tattoos in the preview pics. Fuck me I guess but hopefully some ppl here like it.

Tell me if there are any issues I’m a first time poster.

Oh also don’t get NO. 75 cuz im gonna get that one next soon