Leaked Lameassloser95 / Coolassloser95

This is a thread for the beautiful Lameassloser95, aka Coolassloser95. She posts infrequently and does not have an Onlyfans. She has said that she used to post nudes on a different account when she was younger and weighed more, but she has never said the name of that account.

Here is a link to her Reddit pages and also the pictures and videos I think are worth having:



MOD EDIT: dead gofile removed

Edit 6/20/22 – it appears she deleted Coolassloser95 (the account which was only NSFW content) about a week ago. Most of the 31 files I have were deleted on Gofile due to them not being downloaded recently. I will re-up the files again when somebody asks for them.

I’d love to see the Coolassloser95 posts

This is only some of them. They got deleted when she deleted her account.

She’s kinda back after a break. Nothing NSFW unfortunately but let’s hope…

New picture she just posted today! This is the most NSFW pic she has posted in a few months!