Leaked Neferpita is her CB account. I dont know, this is either going to be the worlds biggest cock tease or it’s going to be the greatest thing ever.


Today was day 4 of her chaturbate streams. I unfortunately missed the first two. Looks like a white/vietnamese mix, doesn’t speak and is very shy. But quite possible THE best body I’ve ever seen. She’s hit number 1 for the entire time she’s been on every single day.

But I ripped yesterdays long ass stream when i could and todays. There is NO nudity…. (yet) a few tiny slips here and there. But anyway, everyone will want to keep an eye on this chick as she’s progressively gotten more and more risque over the past 4 days.

She chats in english on the stream, well not fluent english but i’m using yt-dlp and I cant rip the comments but I think there is a way if anyone wants to help me with it.

(first video) it takes a while to upload to mega with librewolf

what to expect….