leaked pwupster

A Very Messy Thigh Job

[Ass Shot] [Dub] [Sheer Tights] [Legs] [Feet] [Cum Lube] [Prop Cock] [Countdown] [Gentle Dom]

You come home with a pair of pantyhose for your girlfriend… she gets the message very quickly that you’d like a little release session. Since you caught her in a good mood, she’s happy to oblige.

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Notes: One version is using the dub and matching (to the best of my ability!) the footage I got for it. The other version is ALL footage that I recorded! As of now my setup cannot quite support “live talking” and sounds in the way I record. However when I move I will be getting a lot of updated equipment ect so we have that to look forward to! Please remember, I’m a one woman army when I make my content. I really do try my best to make it as high quality as possible. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy this messy lil roleplay.

I’ve never spoken here about her before so I thought I would just include it at the end here as to not cause a conversation in this thread. As far as her Fansly page goes she has not announced any type of quitting. Recently, at the end of December, she changed her pricing on her page to reflect the higher quality and an additional video a month, I don’t see this being something she would do if she had any plans to quit in the near future. I would genuinely not be surprised if we see another price increase as she pushes her boundaries with her content.

Brella’s Alt Thread (

Please message me if you’d like to help me get the PPVs or keep subscriptions for active leaks 🙂

Don’t really know if this belongs here but I’ll go ahead and throw it in here.

This mega link connects to a bunch of her DudeTL patreaon content. It’s all just audio files. It contains both sfw and nsfw stuff. It’s not all of her stuff but there’s a decent amount of files on there.

There audios are separated in an arbitrary sorting system just in which ones I found more enjoyable than others, but ya’ll might like different stuff than me so take that with a grain of salt.

Happy listening.

(Removed empty files, currently working on inserting working files)


The following link should take you to the working files.



Mega down again, just use following link to access her DudeTL content LINK (only reason it was in a mega file was because I couldn’t share the site before, now I am able to).

I only act like I know what I’m doing.

The following should now link to working files. Not sure what happened the first time but I reuploaded everything I have onto this one. Hopefully this time it stays working.


MEGA down again, use LINK to access files (only reason I made mega was because I couldn’t share before)

I only act like I know what I’m doing. Believe it was this one

Can you add the thigh job and her latest one to this? These bunker links don’t seem to be working well

I put it on “Lastest” folder if you want to download it via Drive


Be Kind


Hey brotha da link do be dead sadly and it dosent work even after downloaded ;w;

Might wanna put a password on it so it dosent get taken down usually that helps

Hiya, I’m an idiot and didn’t realize encryption and password were different things. Fixed it (I hope).



Also I made a new thread for just DudeTL patreon content so we aren’t flooding the pwupster thread with this: