leaked Ruis Tsuji/ruistsuji/ツジ・ルイス

I think she showing nipples now

Both links incase one comes down, she shows up about 30 min in. No slips! Here RuisTsuji jiggles, squeezes, pulls out 2 of her (I think she said 30) toys, gently slaps one on her titty, nuzzles it against her cheek, pushes it between her boobs playfully. Possibly said she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 5 years.

She also says a week earlier she did a Nude gravure (centerfold?) for one Japanese magazine and it should be available on Amazon/Kindle soon?

Before leaving she pulls up a video of her (new?) fuckmachine on her phone, saying that the tentacle toy attaches to it.


RuisTsuji’s Snack Challenge (Channel):

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