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Star Spangled
more Star Spangled
[Uncle Sam vid uploading~ will be posted here]
296 Picture sets. Individually zipped sets. Dates range from 2001-2016
**Courtesy of w599 @ sexy-egirls forums

5 Random vids. (not posted above)
**Courtesy of Tigertanks @ sexy-egirls forums

7 more from the same source

Here is one of the titty parts of Shades of Grey (slightly upscaled) and Mortal Kumbat (2560 x 1440 res)
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To celebrate the new home, I’m working on uploading some classics. All from 2014, some random vids I uploaded to Bunkr

Boots in the Backseat
Natasha BTS

Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet

To download from

  • Right click in an open area
  • Inspect
  • Go to->”Network” tab
  • Click Play
  • In the bottom section of the inspection frame, you’ll see a section that has loaded files from the page. You can find it by looking for the field that is sortable by “Name”
  • Once the video starts loading it will appear in that section as “remote_control.php”
  • Right click “remote_control.php”
  • Click “Open in new tab”
  • Go to the newly opened tab
  • Click on the 3 dots in the bottom right of the video
  • Click “Download”

Download anything not set to private on camwhores.
You’re welcome.

To download pics from (or any image site that prevents right clicking)

  • Drag the image to the address bar
  • Hit enter
  • Right click
  • Save

Thank you!
Someone has the womb rider set or new valentine’s day set?

I lost my drive that had all of my patty stuff, but I have bits of this still. The full set of this one is good.
If anyone would be so kind to post newer stuff, or non-duplicates it would be appreciated. Everyone else that is posting, thank you for contributing! It is greatly appreciated.

Womb Raider:

Womb Raider BTS:
(set continues on the next page…)
womb raider continued
I don’t have a lot of image sets, but I have a lot of videos. A couple of things from the previous requests. Here’s Room Raider 1 & 2 combined — the previous link was just part 2. (the pics were Womb Raider, the videos are Room, idk)

Here’s Patty & the Beast as a vid:

And here’s the Fifty Shades Wetter II LTO:—Fifty-Shades-Wetter-II-LTO-Bnz9yscq.mp4

It’s what I’ve got.

(also, here’s all of those on gofile for redundancy. Sorry for the weird subdir for 50 shades: MOD EDIT: Dead gofile removed

Here’s Room Raider 1 & 2 combined — the previous link was just part 2. (the pics were Womb Raider, the videos are Room, idk)

Looks to be the exact same two vids. If there was another, I’d love to see it.


Tub Green-Goo 2

Firecracker ~ Shower


Oh Fudge BTS

Oh snap, you’re right. I didn’t watch the ones posted all the way through yet (just did) — I believe there _is_ a separate womb raider BTS but I don’t have it. Or if it is, I have that and not Room Raider I and the one I have is mislabeled. I’ve been trying to build up a reasonably complete collection but sources are kind of spotty here and there.

my bad, I just posted the two previous ones stitched together, sorry about that.

Not a problem, just wanted to see if there was more. Edits are always good to have.

I’m looking for any of the new premiums, and Melted Milkshake LTO (see pics)

Vids: (I don’t exactly remember the names to the vids, so some I just make up names. Don’t rely on that being the actual name)

Little Lamb

Dildo shower

Showercam (nude)


Steamy Shower (nude)

Soapy shower (see-through)

Shower Robe (see-through)

Candy Girl II

Candy Girl III LTO 2 (up close dildoing)

Patty & The Beast (Upscaled: 1280×720)

Summer Vacation II

Spidey BTS

Spidey POV blowjob

Afternoon Quickie LTO

My First Hitachi

Cum to the Dark Side/ Darth Patty LTO

50 Shades of Grey


50 Shades Wetter II LTO (shower)

Heartbreak Hottie I (Upscaled)

Some old GIFS and edits/enhancements I made forever ago.




(AI up-scaled versions)
Composite images (before/after)
Gonna be posting my best images. I’m more of a pictureset person and her full photosets are impossible to find. Her new ones basically don’t exist. If anybody has anything I don’t I’ll be eternally grateful. Trying to find more but the picset collection on KTS is impossible to download.