leaked Tara nalo / Taranalo

She needs no introduction. Twerk queen, a squirter too apparently

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She needs no introduction. Twerk queen

I kind of feel like she needs and deserves an intro as someone who didn’t already know her might not realize she’s hardly your average camwhore/instathot using social media gimmick videos to advertise an OF.

Over the years her youtube/dailymotion/instagram accounts were repeatedly taken down so now very little remains from her early years as a youtube dancer – which was what made her internet famous to begin with and got her all the fans.

She started by posting dance/twerk/bounce videos on youtube in the late 2000s while not wearing anything more revealing than track pants or booty shorts.

This was before smartphones with cameras, before instagram, before twitch, patreon or OF. Well before Miley Cyrus introduced the word “twerk” into white/mainstream vernacular. Certainly before anyone in eastern europe heard of twerking much less thought to open “twerk schools”.

This was a girl living in twerkless Germany who on a trip to New Orleans fell in love with bounce twerk music & dancing and decided to share videos of it on youtube simply for the fun.

She wasn’t looking to open up shop, in fact as some of us pervs kept begging her to sell raunchier private videos she even felt compelled to make videos explaining that she wasn’t looking to sell anything (which only made us tease fans desire her all the more).

This went on for more than 5 years. Out of the many high profile youtube dancers from back then she was certainly one of those you’d least expect to ever go naked.

She kept making youtube twerk videos even after suffering a near-fatal accident while recording one. She not only had the courage to get back to recording and sharing dance videos while still in crutches, she even went up on Germany’s got talent during recovery.

After a while the folks behind the (now defunct?) xebonix/getthattwerk network seemed to convince her to sell them videos. They were selling thong videos for the first year, after that they started putting out nip slips, a few months after that there topless videos and so on. This was a huge surprise and extremely hot.