leaked tits_your_dreams / kudetty

she now has fansly

her onlyfans has been deactivated

I did some research on this girl, here’s what I found:

Other and older usernames​


  • kudetty (redirects to main page)
  • kudetty1 (banned)
  • hazel_grace_ (banned)
  • able_boobs (banned)
  • prisoner_of_tits (offline for 1.5 years)
  • tits_your_dreams (currently used)

There’s also “kudeti”, but that room has been banned and seems to have been a replay account.


  • hazel-grace


  • Hazel-Grace
  • AbleBoobs
  • TeasingTits

All of these rooms were deleted, but she also appeared in the room “shymysky” that still exists.


  • Haze1_Grace (deleted)


  • Lolly-Holly (deleted)
  • teasing_tits (not used anymore)

If anyone has content of profiles that went by the listed names, please post or link it in this thread.

If you have conflicting or additional information regarding her profiles on camsites and other adult sites, please hit reply.


On her older rooms she indicated that she was Russian, but at least 2 years ago she changed that to UK, probably due to the war in Ukraine. Because the backgrounds in her streams didn’t change at the same time, I assume she didn’t actually move and just wanted to avoid harassment. It’s highly likely that she really is from Russia or Belarus due to her switch from Onlyfans to Fansly as Onlyfans became unusable for most Russian models shortly after the war started.

Other people that appeared in her streams​

Most of the time she streamed solo, but I recall two other people that she cammed with at least once.
If you know of more such occurrences, please let this community know.

Mikey (M)​

While using the room “prisoner_of_tits” on cb, she did bg couple shows. She called herself “Holly”, his model name was “Mikey”. At least in public shows, he never undressed, but touched and licked her private parts. Unfortunately I was too late to check whether they did ticket shows or private shows, so if anyone has privates of them or knows what they did there, please let us know.

I can’t determine whether he was some dude from the studio or her at-the-time-boyfriend.

The mostly non-nude redhead (F)​

For some time, she also had another girl stream with her on a regular basis from the room “tits_your_dreams”. Even with the help of facial recognition tools I wasn’t able to find any other room this other girl appeared on. In addition, she never showed any of her lady parts, even wore covers on her nipples inside her bra, but she touched the original tits_your_dreams-girl’s private parts regularly.

Does anyone know who this other girl is? I think she might either be a coach or boss from the studio tits_your_dreams works with or her family (maybe it is her sister?).

The Studio​

Due to how professional she appeared from day one as well as how the rooms she appeared in are laid out and equipped, I’m pretty sure she streams from a studio.
Does anyone know about other girls who use the same studio? Please let us know.

I hope this post helps as many people as possible to find good content of her.