leaked Victoria Pearce | victoriapearce

I subbed for a month, since it was 75% off. I posted on Bunkr everything from her timeline and some ppv’s. (PPV1 was 10$, PPV2 was 20$, and PPV3 was 35$). Gives you a small idea of what she sends out, she has an option for custom videos aswell. So far it’s good, I’ll keep you guys posted.


Well guys, my sub ends on the 22nd which is technically tmrw. This is all she posted from when I started thiis thread and to be fair I haven’t bought any more of her PPV’s. which are good but kinda steep the more you talk with her. If she ever has a sale again I’ll look into getting another month, but 20$/month is way too much for me for how much she posts.